Childhood Ependymoma: A Fight to Win

Aydan Chapman is a 9-year old boy who has already faced and beaten a diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor five times (2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, and 2016). Aydan is currently in another battle against Childhood Ependymoma after finding out the recurrence from routine MRI in May, 2016.

As for Aydan’s prior treatments, he received proton therapy at MD Anderson in Houston TX in 2011. Aydan got another radiation known as CyberKnife early in 2015. Aydan also received chemotherapy from October 2015 to January 2016. Then they did a chemotherapy again through a clinical trial when they discovered that tumor returned in May 2015. The trial failed and currently, the parents– Kristen and Bryce are not sure what would be the best next course of action to take for Aydan. Aydan will have surgery in July to remove his tumor.

Make sure to check the most recent updates on Aydan Win Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AydanWin/ . Each diagnosis is a whole new survival game. Kristen and Bryce will do whatever it takes to keep Aydan healthy and happy but also to maintain the quality of life that he deserves.


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Facebook Posts

Update on Aydan 7/24/16:

Hello all! We ought to share update with you all on how Aydan is doing since the last post.

Aydan became more medically stable for few more days then he got transferred to inpatient rehab since this recent Wednesday (7/20/16). The purpose of inpatient rehab is to have intensive help from speech therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist to focus on the areas that was impacted from the surgery. Aydan is dealing with speech, double vision, fine motor skills, gross motor skills. These areas should be able to improve with more time but we are not sure if he will be back to where he was before the surgery. We are hopeful.

We discussed with Dr. George (the neurosurgeon) about the MRI showing some tumor and the second tumor in a nearby location. He advised not to go back in again because it is too risky and Aydan is already dealing with some neurological issues. We are working on looking for possible clinical trials and alternative treatments in hope to prolong the time we have with him and hopefully something will work.

As of today, Aydan is improving each day. He is communicating more, laughing and saying some funny things. He is able to walk again but with a minimal assistance. He is definitely fully aware of what is going on around him. His arms/hands are weak but it is work in progress. His vision is still double/blurry. He gets tired easily and gets frequent rest periods. We are focusing on one day at a time and celebrating each accomplishment and each happy moments or see him smiling.

Locals: Thank you SO much for bringing meals— It is very helpful to have one less thing to worry about! We are able to use that time to sit down together as a family spending time together. We really really really appreciate all of your ongoing support, prayers, and strength.

Our next plan is to hope for Aydan to have a good week and hopefully he will be able to go home by end of the week and get ready for his baby brother’s arrival!

Sending lots of love,
The Chapmans
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Another update on Aydan 7/16/16:

Aydan's recovery from the surgery is much SLOWER than in the past. He usually bounces back fast but not this time. It was a HUGE procedure. Dr. George had to remove a huge mass of tumor and it does affect him afterwards especially from the swelling. He becomes less responsive, unable to eat/drink, etc. Today we finally started to see improvement really slowly...... Dr. George said he needs some more time to recover this time. Aydan is having some EEG to monitor his brain activity to make sure there is no seizure (so far there is none). It is really heartbreaking to see him in this state but we are optimistic that he will get better. There are some issues from the post op MRI and we will revisit next week. Our hospital stay is going to be more longer but that is ok because we want Aydan to be better.
Annika was away for overnight camp the whole week. We picked her up today and brought her to the hospital, that was the best thing for Aydan. He finally smiled and was so happy to see her. He finally spoke a full sentence! It was one of the most touching and teary moments!
As always, we appreciate your constant of words of supports, thoughts, strengths, and prayers.
Love, the Chapmans!
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Update from surgery today:

Dr. George said overall it went well.... Thinks he got most of tumor if not all... Difficult to tell and he says it is better to err on the side of caution to prevent damage to brain tissue or nerves. He did have to "manipulate" the 4th cranial nerve a lot and it may cause some double vision...
Remains to be seen.
Gross motor & sensory all appeared to remain intact throughout ( they have special equipment to monitor that throughout surgery)

He also placed a temporary external drain... Hopefully will be able to remove it over next few days... Must monitor to be sure ventricles can drain normally without buildup causing pressure on the brain again

We are focusing on his recovery.

Next plan remains to be seen... We must edit for tumor biopsy report and if course see how Aydan recovers.

THANK YOU all for your amazing and outpouring words of support, encouragement, love, thoughts, prayers, and strength through this a very difficult journey.
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How to support Aydan?

Post picture or short video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with #aydanwins so he can enjoy them while he is recovering from the whole ordeal. Aydan is determined to win again for the 5th time! Thank you for your ongoing SUPPORT and to keep up to date, check out our Facebook page: facebook.com/aydanwin

Please come and join us support the Chapman family in their process of fighting Aydan’s ependymoma by donating to help the family cover medical and living expenses. Kristen and Bryce will be taking time off work to care for Aydan throughout his treatment and recovery. The family could use support to not only help cover their medical bills, but to help Aydan remain in high spirits by giving him the full attention from both parents, toys and good times to help him throughout his recovery.

  • I have such a sweet and funny brother. I hope he wins this battle. We may fight a lot but we always love each other, no matter what.
    Annika: Aydan's Sister
  • Aydan is inspired to become a neurosurgeon in the future because his surgeon saved his life three times. We enjoy watching movies together and I love to be his father and see him grow.
    Bryce: Aydan's Father
  • He is very determined. He has a wonderful sense of humor and an infectious laugh!  Aydan is so full of life and I love having him as my grandson.
    Judy: Aydan’s Grandma
  • Aydan is funny, thoughtful, strong-minded, and truly has a deep soul.  He does not accept any simple answers to anything. He is very good at reading and has a wonderful way with words.
    Kristen: Aydan's Mother
  • Aydan's smile is infectious and in his eyes you can see his huge heart and capacity to love as well as an unending enthusiasm for life. He is dearly loved.
    Alan & Nancy: Aydan’s Grandparents

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