2nd surgery within 6 days

2nd surgery within 6 days

After the first surgery on September, 2nd– Dr. George and his team was confident that they took out most of the tumor. Two days later, the post-op MRI shows questionable residual tumor vs. scar tissue. The team believes the best approach is to go back in and try to resect what may be tumor.

This news was incredibly difficult for all of us, especially for Aydan to go through this again in short timeframe. BUT, this is absolutely best thing we can do for Aydan.

Aydan had a very successful surgery on September 8th as the recent MRI scan came out clean.

Our journey together is not over yet, we have to decide his treatment plan as there is no “standard care” for his situation. To stay updated with Aydan’s status, follow us on his page: https://www.facebook.com/AydanWin/

Please keep on sending us the positive thoughts and support. Thank you all.